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Arden Cho for Vince Trupsin 
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Leonardo DiCaprio attends an event for being named UN Messenger Of Peace at the United Nations on September 20th, 2014 in New York City

I do have an affinity for damaged people, in life, in roles. I don’t know why. We’re all damaged in our own way. Nobody’s perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us.

We arrived in the italian capital city of rome. There was an american girl travelling with us called Julie. We discoverd Julie was almost completely blind.Our trip manager jokingly said he had forgotten the way back to the hotel and did anyone know how to get there? None of us did. But then Julie piped up ‘I can do it’. We all thought she was joking too but she said ‘no, seriously, I can take us all back’. So we turned and filed behind her. She led us to the maze of winding streets. Someone asked ‘How’re you doing this? How can you possibly remember the way we came?’ - ‘I just know. Feel how beautiful and cool the air is. We’re by the fountain, that’s where we turned left. ‘I’m smelling freshly baked bread, she said. We turned right by this bakery and this is the café we passed by. I recognized the sound of that coffee machine. Trust me.’ And sure enough with every turn, the things we hadn’t focused on before revealed themselfs like hidden jams. Did we make it back to the hotel? We did, actually! Right to the front door. What struck me was, how Julie made us all see the city through her eyes. - Natalie Dormer (x)


07. Psd file by flophotoshop. Please, like or reblog if you download, not offer as your own, don’t copy the layers and much less the effects. Be creative. {DL}

If men don’t have to be aggressive, women won’t be compelled to be submissive. If men don’t need to control, women won’t have to be controlled. Both men and women should feel free to be strong. It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals. We should stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by who we are.